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A Simple Look At Church Attendance

A Simple Look At Church Attendance
Today, I hope you read this in a loving tone, and not an accusatory one... I believe the Lord's church is struggling with identity due to some misunderstandings about what God desires from His children... Please read, share, comment and don't shy away from discussion... Read Hebrews 10:19-39
1) Hebrews 10:25 is one of the most misused, misrepresented pieces of Scripture in the history of Christianity. —> this is not hyperbole, it is fact… so many well-meaning preachers, teachers, and Christians have mistakenly leapt to the rescue of their ne’er do well delinquent friends and have shoved this verse into their face in an effort to guilt those people back to church… and then have had the audacity to go home and pat themselves on the back believing that would be the way Jesus would have operated! Honestly, the likelihood of that working has to be very close to zero point zero percent. So, how do we convey the message of Hebrews 10:25? By better u…

Hate Is Too Strong A Word...

I wish I could speak with protestors... not because I am worthy of their attention or their time, but because humanity is worthy. This concept that people grow up required to hate in order to fit into a community or into a culture is foreign to the Creator of those people.

I wish I could speak with politicians... not because I have a hard-hitting question that will leave them stuttering and stammering, but because they are a part of the grand design that our Creator put in place. I would love to share with them the good news that a Savior and Deliverer came to this Earth and gave us a blueprint of how to live together and press towards a goal of peace and contentment. If this is something they claim to be working towards, it should not matter what party you represent, we should be about serving the people and bringing them all this good news. (Sidebar: At what point will we realize the game being played with our children's future? Stop allowing the words "republican" and …



This is intended to be a place to store, share, and discuss thoughts about what lives that claim to follow Christ should look like. I entitled this blogspot "Simplified Christianity" because I feel strongly that so many people have tried to create a Christianity that is so diluted, convoluted, and confused that they cannot seem to locate the person God has called them to be in Scripture. I know for a fact that I do not have the answers to every single question, but I also know for a fact that God is not the author of confusion, so I make contact with His Word often to find exactly what it is He expects and then I try to do that. See? Isn't that simple? I hope you will be active participant in this blog and will be encouraged by it... Feel free to contact me in the comments or by email at

Now on to today's topic:


Read 1 John 2:28-3:10

What do you see? Simplicity? Definitely! John writes about our need to be confident …