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Hate Is Too Strong A Word...

I wish I could speak with protestors... not because I am worthy of their attention or their time, but because humanity is worthy. This concept that people grow up required to hate in order to fit into a community or into a culture is foreign to the Creator of those people.

I wish I could speak with politicians... not because I have a hard-hitting question that will leave them stuttering and stammering, but because they are a part of the grand design that our Creator put in place. I would love to share with them the good news that a Savior and Deliverer came to this Earth and gave us a blueprint of how to live together and press towards a goal of peace and contentment. If this is something they claim to be working towards, it should not matter what party you represent, we should be about serving the people and bringing them all this good news. (Sidebar: At what point will we realize the game being played with our children's future? Stop allowing the words "republican" and "democrat" determine your stance... Defend your children's future with the truth found in the words of our Creator.)

I wish I could speak with protestors... not because I have some form of power that can grant them the things they claim to so desperately seek, but because the power of discernment can bring total peace. I struggle so much to understand the need for some in our world to use hate and terror in an attempt to force peace and understanding. It hurts me to think that as my children grow up and begin to understand the terms "wisdom" and "discernment", they will see examples in our society and in our world of so-called "wise, discerning" people acting in the childish manner that they have graduated from. When did it become ignorant and foolish to act as mature adults? The Creator that granted me the ability to think, learn, and discern also granted me the ability to understand consequences and the weight of words and actions... it is beyond time that we remember that.

I wish I could speak with politicians... not because I have some grand idea of how to fix the system or because I have a grand idea of how to create the next big political shift. Instead, I would simply like to hear why there is rampant dishonesty and a lack of integrity in politics? I respect those who run for office and I respect the office that they are running for... I struggle when it becomes commonplace to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve some modicum of worldly-defined success. Look at the people and the stress that is caused by this "game"... It is creating pain and suffering in a world that needs to find peace and contentment.

I wish I could speak with protestors... not because I claim to understand their plight or their struggle, but because sympathy and a sincere heart can heal many wounds. It would be a complete insult to many who have struggled and fought for respect for me to claim that "I know what it is like..." because I simply do not... I am more blessed than I could ever deserve and am more blessed than I (embarrassingly) realize, and yet I want to act as though I know what it is like to be afraid due to my ethnicity, religion, gender, etc? The Creator of mankind loved the world so much that He gave the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save them all, and I cannot muster the effort to love my neighbor who does not look like me? How can I then call myself a follower of that Creator?

I wish I could speak to you... as you have read these paragraphs, undoubtedly you have formed an opinion about the author of this very post. I am certain that for some they disagree with what I have said or how I said it, and to you I would love to clearly state my thoughts and listen to your rebuttal with respect. I am certain there are some who read these words and agree with what has been written, to you I would love to discuss these things further and challenge you to step off of the sideline and get involved with the healing that our nation and our world so desperately need. To the group that reads this and feels no different, I simply would love to talk to you about the Creator mentioned above... because I honestly do not believe that you can know Him and not feel emotionally pulled in some direction when considering the future of our world.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." I could not agree more... Hate is simply too strong of a word for our society to bear...


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